Family Therapy

family therapyA family is a one-of-a-kind social system in which every member’s beliefs, values, personality, strengths and challenges powerfully affect every other family member.

Family therapy is based on the premise that one family member’s problems must be seen in the larger context of the family in order to be understood and effectively treated. Family therapy also is based on the belief that change in one family member affects all.

During family therapy, you can expect to:

  • Learn how families usually function
  • Gain a better understanding of how your own family functions
  • Learn how your family can work together to resolve conflicts and fears
  • Learn how to deal with change in the family
  • Discover how to build on your family’s strengths to help individual members and the entire family become stronger and healthier
  • Receive recommendations for behavioral changes that can help the whole family
  • Receive homework that will help your family make changes necessary for the wellbeing of all.

How long does it take?
Family therapy usually is brief and solution-focused, with most families completing therapy in just a few weeks. However, the number of sessions needed for effective treatment depends on the nature and severity of the challenges facing the family and the willingness of family members to attend sessions and commit to making recommended changes. A family therapist helps a family establish its goals and suggests the length of time that may be needed to bring desired changes. Usually, not every family member attends every session.

When is family therapy appropriate and helpful?
Family therapy is effective as a preventative measure as well as a solution for problems.

People typically seek the help of a family therapist because:

  • The parents are in conflict
  • The children in a family can’t get along
  • A child is exhibiting unacceptable behavior
  • A child is having problems in school
  • One or more family members is mentally ill
  • One or more family members is addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • The family anticipates a major change, such as a parent’s job change or loss; a major move; or a merging of two families with children at home.

How well does it work?
Family therapy can be very effective when all members of the family make a commitment to work together and with the therapist to find solutions to problems and meet goals.

We have no children but need help. Is Family Therapy appropriate for us?
Yes. A couple is still a family, one that can be affected by many of the same stresses that challenge a larger family. For more information about Couples Therapy provided by David Swindall, please click here.

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