Life can be wonderful! But sometimes, it isn’t. As human beings, we can get trapped in self-defeating behaviors, bad habits, even abusive relationships. There is always a way to free ourselves from our troubles, although we can’t always find the way out of them on our own. Sometimes, we need help.

Coronavirus/COVID 19 Notice

While physical distancing recommendations are in place, we are seeing clients via Zoom and other online platforms. If you need to schedule an individual session or attend a group session, please contact us for information about how to connect with us online. If you are new to Zoom, here’s help.

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Free: A Guide to Living With Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty

Our world is changing rapidly at the moment. Given some of the news coverage, it would be hard not to worry about what it all means for yourself, and for those you love. Worry and anxiety are common problems at the best of times, and when it takes over it can become all-encompassing. The people at Psychology Tools have put together this a free guide to help you to manage your worry and anxiety in these uncertain times.

Once you have read the information in the guide, feel free to try the exercises if you think they might be helpful to you. It’s natural to struggle when times are uncertain, so remember to offer care and compassion to yourself, and to those around you. Get the guide.

freedomOur therapists see people seeking help for all kinds of reasons… ongoing disagreements or unhappiness in marriage; challenges with children; depression; life-changing decisions such as a long-distance moves, career changes or plans to marry; weight loss; release from smoking or other self-destructive habits; escape from abusive relationships.

A qualified, professional, licensed therapist can help you find your way to a life that is more fulfilling, happy, and stress-free. You’ll find information here about all the ways we can support you. Call us at 727-544-9305 or use our contact form to request an appointment or more information.

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